Wednesday, July 28, 2010

..a man..

you need me when;
1-other girls text and calling felt rimas and find me.
2-after your training felt tired and need me to accompany you
3-before bath.ahh!!this time was surely cant lah!apsal ngengade sgt!
4-have ask me to explain all the chapter.from the starting till the end.
5-have to complete your need me to guide you from a to z
6-you want to eat will eat the chocolate and I will eat the cashew inside sweet
7-you want to walk with me.jog together.have a drink at watercooler because lack of money.(susah senang dihaarung bersame lah org mlayu ckp)

and at the last day I saw you with other girl.ok.noktah.
i didnt lose anything.malah,I become more inteligent,smarter,because teaching you every night.thanks for your cdbury.not really miss it.

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